Foreign investment undertakings (UCITS), whose units are marketed to investors in Denmark need a representative office in the country in order to ensure access to information and redemption assistance (Executive Order on Marketing Carried out by Foreign Investment Undertakings in Denmark). The representative agent has to be approved by the Danish FSA.

Through StockRate Asset Management foreign investment undertakings are able to market their units to retail and institutional investors in Denmark.

StockRate Asset Management is the official representative in Denmark for following investment undertakings.

  • Goldman Sachs Funds, Luxembourg
  • UBS Alternatives Plc., Ireland
  • AXA Funds, Luxembourg and Ireland
  • Fisher Investments Institutional Funds PLC, Ireland
  • Hermes Investment Funds Plc , Ireland
  • PineBridge Investment Funds, Ireland
  • Muzinich & Co. Ltd., Ireland
  • Stone Harbor Investment Funds plc, Ireland
  • Iridian UCITS Fund p.l.c., Ireland
  • FundLogic Alternatives plc, Ireland

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